Sunday, March 18, 2012

Surprise ... surprise

A surprise storm came through last week (suspect it was the leftovers of the storms which caused s much damage while crossing the states) ... this is our balcony about 20 minutes after the storm started.
Lots of wind, flooding, roads damaged and businesses were closed for a few days to clean up.  The round dish is the cat's preferred water bowl.  Normally Indy constantly pesters us to let her out on the balcony ...
that wasn't the case until the snow melted away.

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  1. We are not in mid summer here in the states. Our winter was mild, like spring should be. Nowadays it is hot, humid and crazy. Not normal at all.

    Since I was hacked I had to give up my old user name and the blogs that went with it.

    So this is the new birds blog and I hope you can come visit. Birds Birds Birds and Birds