Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pony walks?

DH and I saw this while going home the other day ...
interesting way to exercise a horse.

One of my dear readers commented that this looks like an accident waiting to happen ... and, if I saw this in the States, I would agree.
However, for the most part, traffic on the smaller roads (and this is at the every edge of Belpasso) tends to be a bit slower. 
I haven't seen this way of exercising a horse before .. but both DH and I have seen horses hitched to sulkies and driven around Belpasso quite a bit.


  1. Great, canid shot. You never know what you will run across on the highway. Nice scoop.

  2. Looks like an accident waiting to happen.....

  3. It looks like the guy in the white t-shirt need to exercise a bit.